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I LOVE this hair. It is soft and looks gorgeous wet. However, it is more wavy than curly and can get a little “big” as it dries. I’ve only had it installed for a little over a week now but it has had minimal shedding (I did spray knot sealer prior to install). It would be 5 Star if it was curly.2017-12-06 19:56:51
Reply: Thanks for your love! And you can define the curl after wash by curling iron. :3
I got 22 inches and 150% in the natural black. Absolutely no tangling, a little bit of shedding. The waves are so beautiful and the hair is so soft. It came thinner than I thought considering I got the highest density, but this is my first human hair wig so it may just be me getting used to the different texture than synthetic hair. The shipping was so fast and I've had it for a a little more than a week, but it's been a great experience as far as my first human hair wig! I will be purchasing more from this website in the future. 2017-11-19 00:14:02
Reply: Thank you so much for your trust!
I purchased the fl kinky straight wig in 22 inches. I love, love, love this hair. I waited 2 weeks to give you an honest review. I have washed the unit and there was very minimal shedding maybe 8 hairs if that and abs no tangling. I have also used flexi rods on the unit. Next time I'll be sure to get no ear tabs. They may work for some but are a pain to me. But that's my own fault. I could have specified no ear tabs. 5 star all day.
It has been almost a year and the wig still looks amazing love this wig
Reply: I can see Ariel in the second picture.:D Thanks for your feedback!
This is the best kinky wig I've ever bought.
This is probably one of the most looking wigs, I have gotten in a long long time. I love the fullness of it, but my favorite is the color. The color really pops on my skintone. This is also one of my first full lace wigs, and I love the versatility of this wig.
Reply: Cute buns : ) Thank you so much T.
I have had this unit for around 2-3 months now. I love that it is so easy to just through on and go. The quality of this hair was amazing. It had a natural density, and I got compliments every time I wore it. I will say that even though it is a wavy unit, I prefer how it looks on me in a straightened state.
Reply: Thanks so much for your feedback, and very glad that you love it. : )
I ordered the 22 inches 100% Brazilian virgin hair and first thingsw first, i loved the packaging came in a cute box with combs and instructions. The hair was way longer than I expected and I'm 5'2 22 inches was almost touching my behind. The hair was super soft and had no smell and the cap and construction was done well. The only negative I would say is that I feel it's lost its texture but I've had it for about two weeks, and haven't washed it, so I'm sure when I do it'll bounce back. I straightened one side just to see if it could hold, and it surely did. Overall I'm very pleased with this wig and will be doing a video on it soon
Reply: Super natural hairline! Thank you so much Anon. : )
Love this hair! So soft, beautiful, natural and easy to use. Thank You!
So I received my unit a little late after that time a lot it for delivery but that's OK because of the communication between customer service I ordered the 12" and the highest density which was 150 & it is thick I ordered the Average size cap & believe it or not it was big I did add an elastic bamd n the back, 1 extra comb & I sewed 2 to pinyucks on each side just to get it to lay down tin the back of my head . I haven't wet this hair because of previous reviews that the hair never reverts back to the Afro look. After I finger combed the unit out, it was massive & I loved it. It looks so natural. The girl pattern is so true to the afro an American hair. I did pluck a few hairs out in the parting. But I didn't have to add foundation or anything. I dont leave any hair out at all, it looks that natura People thinks it's my hair. I did have to trim it to give it some shape, but no shedding so far. I'm going to buy another one just like this one kust to do twistouts on. But this unit is life! I Absolutely love it..
I loveeeeeee love love it soooooooo beautiful and easy to style would definitely recommend if your wanting a cute easy bob
Of all of the wigs that I've purchased online this has got to be the best one. I just cut the lace and put it on. I didnt have to do anything extra to it. I don't like a too bulky wig but this one is just right.
Absolutely beautiful unit!
Reply: So happy you love your unit :3 And you can share your photo on Instagram and tag @evawigs to get featured!
This is my first human hair full lace wig and I am in LOVE!!!!! The addiction has begun!
Love this wig, it is the perfect type 4 texture. It blends perfectly or required no leave it. I used a Denman brush to define the curls and it looks so natural!!! Minimal shedding!
Straight out the package I was impressed. Packaging was really on point, I was sent a big toothed comb, and complementary wig caps in a pretty box. I was already impressed with the professional ordering process, being that I was sent snap shots of my wig after they made it??! What overseas company does that?? The hair quality is superb. Super soft, even after they textured it to be Afro hair. Also, the curl pattern (4a) is amazing. This is not a fake Afro curl wig where when you wash it you get 3c curls afterwards. The hair texture holds true (cuticles are aligned so hair is super smooth to touch) construction on the wig is sturdy and well made, hair density ( I got 150) is perfect. Natural color is gorgeous like a rich number 2 color. Service AND quality are important when I spend my hard earned money, so from now on I will keep ordering from Evawigs. Love it so far, keep it coming!
I was hesitant buying this Unit. Although I had watched reviews on you-tube, I wasn’t trusting of many reviewers since many reviewers get these products for free, thus, some reviews are biased. Anyway, I went through the process, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Communication of my unit was consistent and accurate and shipping was as informed. Most of all the quality of the hair was “AMAZING”. I have since washed, colored, and bleached the nuts of my unit, and it is still holding very nicely. So Eva Wigs, thanks for keeping true to your product. Now I just have to save to buy another unit, because these units are “not” cheap.
I ordered this unit back in September with a few custom requests. First, let me say that the communication was unparalled. The response time was literally the next day. I've ordered from Heat Free Hair, Gemini Wigs, and several other companies and I have to say this was the best experience I've had with on-line shopping, EVER!!! The unit took several weeks to come, but that was expected with the specifications I wanted. I'm a nurse and it's totally appropriate for all occasions. My own mother did not know it wasn't my own natural hair (even though I think if she'd thought about it, she'd have known my hair isn't this long). I've washed it often and take it to my own beautician at least once a month and she is totally in love with it. My shoulder length hair is usually in 2 French braids after either me or my beautician washes and deep conditions it. She flexirods it, flat irons it, puts it in French braids and cornrows the front and it still looks natural. I've even put a satin cap on it occasionally and slept with it on. Woke up looking like a tv commercial model baby. I'm totally smitten. I'm about to order another. Not because I need to, but because I always want to have a spare. The problem I've had with other companies is that the follow up does not compare to the quality of the original unit ( I guess that's the lure). But when you pay $400 for a wig, you don't expect it to look like one. LONG LIVE EVE WIGS!!!
Reply: Thank you so much for all your kind words, really inspire us so much! And so sorry for the late reply because of the time difference.
Is this wig human hair or am I able to Curl it or color it more grey after I purchased it
Reply: All our wigs are 100% human hair guaranteed, and of course you can curl it. : ) And for the color, you can dye it to a darker color, but can not dye it brighter.
I got this unit about a week ago, and I love it!! The hair is gorgeous and the make of the unit is magnificent! I'm so excited because, I have tried many, many online purchases and purchases with shops and this is by far the best unit I have ever purchased. I will be buying another wig so I can keep them in rotation and I will always be a customer to EVA WIGS. Thank you. Also the customer service is excelldnt, great response time and ordering was easy!
Reply: Wow, thank you sooooo much for your trust and love. :D
I bought this wig because I've been looking for a blunt bob. The hair is extremely soft and it's very light. It's holds a curl well and the texture is beautiful. It's the best quality wig I've ever bought and would love to have one customized for me.
Reply: Thank you so much, Candace. Hope you will give us a chance to custom one for you. : )
I just received my wig this past week and love it! Straight out of the box it was soft, had a pleasant smell and had the texture I have been looking for! Unlike other kinky straight textures this one is very natural and mimics a TEX LAX aka yaki texture without looking krinkly. I washed and deep conditioned the hair and it was still very soft. I bought a 1B but the color was very brown in the preview email. I asked them to change it to a natural black wig instead because the 1B looked more like a color 2/4. They responded quickly via email and took only a few more days to process my order. The color is perfect. My hair matches when blow dryed. I bought 130% which was great as well. 100% only may come off too skimp for some. I don't even like super thick hair but having this texture full seemed like a must. The length I bought was 22 inches, i don't know if my head is small but the hair was past mode back! I trimmed it a couple of inches to mid back because it was too long (which is better than too short). The ends of the hair were a little thinned out but not until the last inch or so. So overall I am very very pleased. Thank you Eva Wigs!
Reply: Thank you very much Idara! : ) And we can cut the hair ends a bit blunt if customer requires.
What color is the lace and is it glueless ?
Reply: The lace color is medium brown, and it's glueless lace front cap which has 3 combs sewed in both side and the top, and an adjustable strap in the back.
I wanted to post this review after wearing (and washing) the hair so it could be a more honest portrayal of the hair experience instead of just a "first look" reaction. I have been wearing this hair for about a month now. I ordered my unit in Jet Black (#1), 16", 130% density, light brown lace, and average cap size.When I received the unit, I absolutely loved it. It is really well constructed and the hair was extremely soft. My hair was in box braids at the time so I had it for about a month before I finally got the chance to try it on and actually wear it. The 6" parting space is absolutely phenomenal. It's like getting the credibility the full lace wig without the heftier price tag. It makes the unit look extremely, extremely believable and lays really flat whether your hair is in 2 cornrows or 10 cornrows underneath. Most people are actually shocked when I tell them I'm wearing a wig. There is practically no shedding; just a couple of strands when brushing.The Indian Remy hair has high luster and no amount of dry shampoo spray could dull it out to give it a more realistic sheen to it. Washing the unit aided a bit but the shine returned in about a day or two. Although the description lists this as "Yaki Straight", the unit definitely is silky hair. Although they list "options" in their description box, there is no actual place to select options for your hair. If this unit was made from Brazilian hair (either yaki, silky, or kinky straight), it would have been absolutely perfect. The Indian Remy version really is it's only downfall.The 130% density fits like 1.5 packs of hair so I assume the 150% would be close to using 2 packs of hair. If you want the fullness of 3 packs/bundles, you may have to request - at a minimum - 180% density although this does not seem to be an option that is available. While the density of 130% gives a very natural and realistic look to the hair, you will definitely need to cut layers in it immediately, or it will end up looking stringy and/or greasy because of the high luster of the Indian Remy hair. Another con of the Indian Remy hair is matting. Indian Remy is very much so like the pack hair you get from the beauty supply store as opposed to the bundles you receive from various online hair retailers. You kind of have to keep a brush on you at all times and occasionally brush it out to keep it from matting or getting tangled, especially at the nape of the neck. While the hair does curl, it doesn't hold curl well at all. My wand curls usually go flat within hours, and not flat as in "loose wave" but just a wrinkly straight look. It looks frizzy and thick looking. And that, coupled with the penchant for matting, is not a good look. All in all, this unit is a great concept but I would suggest waiting until they offer it with better quality hair (i.e. Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian) before purchasing. The difference in price would be a matter of $25-$50 but it would make a big difference in terms of long
Reply: Thank you very much for your detailed comment! And thank you very much for your suggestion of hair type options, and we offer Brazilian virgin hair now. : )
Oh, and we will add hair texture options later. Thanks again for your suggestion!
Believe it or not, this was my favorite of all! This hair is so soft and manageable. Great twistout, i love it!
This wig has a good length and density to it but definaty not worth this price because it is not as described.
Reply: Thank you for your purchase and feedback! The clearance products are the exact wigs show in the pictures, one wig one price, and the details are listed below the product pictures. : )
Eva has the best quality wig,the hair feel soft and look natural. They are really helpful and good communication. Love it. Thanks
This unit is beautiful! The color, texture and density are perfect. Lays nicely and looks very natural.
Reply: Thanks for your love Renita! :) May we invite you to join our buyer show? You can sent your photo to : )
What are the 2 colours on the models hair please?
Reply: The closest color is #1B T #4.: )
Eye love this unit! very soft and natural looking, T-Ankh you!
Reply: Thanks for your love.: )
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