Individual & Corporate Mediation

The Center has a diverse client base that includes individuals, associations, corporations, government agencies, international development groups and NGOs. The Center administers a nationwide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mediation program and manages a roster of more than 550 professional mediators. The Center’s services are available to federal agencies through a General Services Administration (GSA) FSS listing.

KBF Services Include:

Strategic Interventions 

  • A complete range of mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
    services for individuals and organizations
  • Consultation, facilitation, and mediation of EEO and ADA disputes

Conflict Management Training, Skill Building, And Professional Development

  • Skills training and professional development seminars for a variety of audiences
  • Problem-solving for managers and human resources personnel
  • Basic and advanced mediation training in resolving disputes
  • Specialized training for your workplace and EEO disputes

Conflict Prevention 

  • Individual, group and system conflict analysis
  • Conflict management system design
  • Building collaborative solutions in team projects
  • Avoiding or minimizing litigation